True Detective Season 3 Is happening

When True Detective premiered back in 2014, it experienced instance success as the series became an instant hit among viewers and critics alike. As a result, nobody was surprised that the show returned for its second season next year. However, despite the show’s massive success, there was no news surrounding the third season. If you were wondering if the show will return for another season or not, the studio has confirmed that the show will indeed return for third season.

If you were following the news related to the television series over last couple of months, then the news should be coming off as a huge surprise to you since odds of the show getting another season got higher in the recent months. While the renewal is certainly good news, how the show approaches the third season is an entirely different argument especially after the second season was heavily criticized despite the first season’s immense success. And if rumors are to be believed, then the third season will take place in the similar rural setting of season 1.

While the show is turning back to the setting which made it successful, the personnel responsible for success of the show will remain the same. According to latest reports, Nic Pizzolatto will return to write the script of the third season. As for directing, he will collaborate with critically acclaimed Green Room’s Jeremy Saulnier. Although the season is still far away, we might see the series returning to its glory once again.

As of now, however, HBO hasn’t confirmed episode count for the show. If the first two seasons are anything to go by, then the third season is more than likely to feature eight episodes. As we eagerly wait for premier of the other popular shows, hopefully we will learn more about the upcoming third season in the coming weeks.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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