The Deuce Is Renewed for another Season

If you were following news related to upcoming shows on HBO, then you might already know that The Deuce was in the works for a long time before it made its official debut on HBO earlier on September. While the cast contained several high profile performers, it wasn’t confirmed if we will see another season of the show since it’s not the first time the network has premiered a series filled with heavy hitters. However, this time around, HBO was satisfied with the early performance as the network has renewed the show for second season.

While fans will be happy with the latest news regarding the renewal of the show, it comes off as a surprise given that the show debuted just few days earlier with fans getting only two episodes. While the premier was available for streaming back in August, the show didn’t get stellar numbers. However, following the second episode, the show has gained boost in rating. The show scored a 0.24 in the important 18-49 demographic and was watched by more than .83 million viewers in the day it aired. And the second episode performed pretty well as it gained over 16 percent in the 18-49 age group along with .84 million viewers.

The Deuce takes on an interesting approach as it describes the rise of porn culture in the New York City. The show follow lives of bartenders, prostitutes as well as law enforcement agencies. While the show has been renewed, the network hasn’t announced which members of the cast will be back for the next season. You can watch new episodes of The Deuce on Sundays at 9 p.m. HBO.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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