Scientists Discover New Species by Using Smelly Cheese as Bait

A group of scientists have discovered a new species that represents an entire group of genus in a remote cave in eastern Turkmenistan. The researchers have revealed that the tiny animal is the first of its order to be found in the Central Asia.

The new creature is just few millimeters long and doesn’t have eyes. Talking about the new finding, lead author, Alberto Sendra from the University of Alcalá, Spain said, “What we have here is not only a new remarkable organism, but also an amazing and unusual cave critter that has undergone a long evolutionary journey to adapt to the underground environment of Central Asia.”

In order to find new species, the group of scientists had spent more than 8 hours in the cave. And thanks to the latest discovery, scientists are expecting to conduct more research in the region in an attempt to discover more unknown species. The latest species has been named as Turkmenocampa mirabilis, first part of the name is the country of discovery while the second part is the name translates to “unusual, amazing, wonderful” or “remarkable” in Latin.

Pavel Stoev from the National Museum of Natural History, Bulgaria revealed, “While many speleobiologists [biologists who study caves] consider the terrestrial cave fauna in Central Asia as poor, it is places such as Kaptarhana that can turn the tables by giving us new insights about the biodiversity richness, evolutionary history, formation and functioning of the underground ecosystems of this part of the world.”

Featured Image: Flickr/James St. John

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