Samsung Might Release Galaxy s9 Earlier than Expected

Due to the company’s issues with Galaxy note 7, Samsung delayed its S8 and S8+ release by more than a month and so far the devices has performed pretty well as the leading smartphone manufacturer released Galaxy note 8 few days earlier. As we are eagerly waiting to see what Apple has to offer with its highly anticipated iPhone 8, Samsung is reportedly planning on launching the Galaxy S9 sooner than expected to stay in competition with Apple.

While previously rumors surfaced that the S9 is set to debut during Mobile World Congress next year, now a latest report by The Investor has claimed that the company might introduce the flagship smartphone earlier than that. According to the report, the company is rumored to launch the S8 sometimes around January with Android Oreo to keep itself in the competition with Apple.

While it is just rumors for now, the timeline isn’t surprising given that Samsung will start shipments of OLED screens for the smartphone in November which is nearly two months earlier than the previous year’s timeline. Since both S8 and S8+ performed quite well in the market, the company might just go ahead to launch the phone earlier than expected.

If the report is to be believed, then Samsung is set to unveil the flagship in late January and it will be available for consumers sometimes around February. However, we will need to wait to see how iPhone 8 performs which is set to be introduced in couple of weeks. Until then, these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

Featured Image: Flickr/Andri Koolme

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