Roy Might Be Returning to Arrow Season 6

As we are eagerly waiting for next season of Arrow after last season’s explosive ending, news regarding upcoming season of the show has started to flow in full flow. If you followed the last season, then you will know that the Team Arrow was stronger than ever before. However, this was far from the first time we saw Oliver taking help from his friends and family as Roy Harper was the first to join the team way back in season 3. While the character has disappeared from the show, recently, actor Colton Haynes revealed that we might be seeing him making an appearance during the course of upcoming season.

The latest rumor has started to spread over internet after the actor teased on Twitter that his character might come back. Although there hasn’t been any shortage of superheroes throughout last couple of seasons, die-hard fans still want to see the familiar superheroes from previous seasons. When a fan asked Colton Haynes if we will see Arsenal during the course of the upcoming season, the actor responded that he will come back “very soon”.

However, it isn’t clear if the character will be returning to the show full time or a guest star. Given that all of the major characters have been announced over last several weeks, Colton Haynes’ character will most likely return for a couple of episodes. We already know that Slade Wilson will be returning to the show along with Ragman who went away during the course of last season to find out more about his powers. Apart from these two characters, we will see Katie Cassidy returning to reprise her role as Black Siren who will cause more trouble.

As of now though, we are still a month away from knowing ow Arrow will progress during the course of the season 6. As we go closer to the season premier, more details regarding the show are likely to be revealed. Stay tuned to receive latest news related to your favorite television series.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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