Researchers Points out Boot Bug in Apple Macs and PCs

A newly published report by Duo security has revealed that Apple’s Mac computers have security vulnerabilities due to their Extensive Firmware Interface or EFI core software is outdated.

In order to point out the problem, Duo security surveyed 74,000 MACs and 4.2 percent of these devices ran insecure versions of software. While the security firm didn’t test PCs, it said that the situation might be worse in PCs.

In case you are wondering, EFI is the pre-boot environment that has replaced legacy BIOS environment and since late 70s have been common. Since its early days, EFI has been a massive interest for security researchers and hackers due to amount of control it provides to user if an attack is successful.

If the interface is compromised, it gives attacker option to enter security mechanisms of operating system and other application. In addition to this, attacks on EFI is also stealthy and hard to detect. Most importantly, if you detect the flaw, reinstalling the operating system or removing hard disk entirely doesn’t solve the problem.

In order to find out the extent of the issue, Duo security tested 74,000 Macs from the real world and found that 4.2 percent of the computers were running outdated firmware. If you were thinking that recent Macs would not have the issue, then you will be surprised by the finding that over 40 percent of 21.5-inch iMac released in late 2015 were running outdate version of firmware.

Due to the vulnerability, attackers can gain control of a device by using an Ethernet adapter in the port. However, prior to publishing the report, Duo had informed Apple about the flaws and Apple revealed that the company was aware of the issue and is moving towards addressing the issue promptly.

Featured Image: pexels

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