Research Suggests that One Third of All Parasites are Threatened by Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most discussed issues at the moment and if the process continues in the coming months, then the climate change will result in extinction of more than one-third of the parasites in the Earth’s ecosystem.

While parasite might seem unimportant for the ecosystem for their invading nature, extinction of the parasites can have drastic changes on overall system. The recent study published in Science Advances has revealed that the parasites are currently one of the most threatened life forms due to ongoing climate change issue.

During their journey to find out about climate change’s effect on different species of parasites, scientists found out that these members are more threatened than their hosts. The models created for the research have suggested that about one third of parasites might go extinct by the end of 2070.

While it might seem that extinction of parasite might seem a positive thing, changes can have drastic effects on overall balance. When we think about the parasites, not a lot of good things come to mind as parasites are organisms which live on at the expenses of the hosts. However, parasites are essential to keep the large food chain intact, especially those in the forests with larger biodiversity.

Talking about the effects of the changes, Colin Carlson from the University of California Berkeley, lead author of the study, said, “Climate change will make some parasites extinct and make some do better. But we would argue the overall phenomenon is dangerous, because extinctions and invasions go hand in hand.”

Featured Image: Pixabay/hawkHD

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