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Nintendo Fixes One of the Biggest Issues with Switch Online Application

As Nintendo has a long history of making online interaction more difficult than it needs to be, not a lot of Switch users were surprised when the company released its Switch Online application over the summer. While the application was difficult to use, the application required a user to communicate via voice chat over switch and the voice chat would be disabled if the user was trying to use another application or just put the phone in sleep mode. And finally, Nintendo has fixed the issue with its latest update.

Nintendo released the latest update to fix several issues. However, the biggest one was fixing the issues associated with the application mentioned earlier. Here’s a complete list of fixed issues with the latest update:

Voice chat will now continue when other apps are opened.

Voice chat will now continue during sleep mode.

Improved support for Bluetooth devices. (For Android devices only.)

Thanks to the latest update now, users will now be able to use the application in the background in case they want to use other application without any problem. However, if you use another application that uses the smartphone’s microphone, then you won’t be able to use the Nintendo application. If you are currently having problems, then you might need to go to Other Settings > Power Saving Settings in Android to deactivate battery optimization to avoid interruption while using the app.

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