New Report Reveals that over 72 Percent PCs Have Creator’s Update

In a recently published report, AdDuplex has revealed that more than 70 percent of windows PC now has Windows 10 creator’s update. The data was collected from over 5,000 Windows Store apps utilizing the AdDuplex SDK across a 24-hour period, beginning on September 20, 2017.

This latest figure is a substantial increase from the 65.6 percent reported earlier last month. However, the report has indicated that the increment is pretty slow compared to the Anniversary update which was covering more than 90 percent of the computers prior to the release of Creators Update. With the Fall update is coming up shortly, the latest figures indicate the usage share might continue to drop when the upcoming feature update rolls out later this year.

Apart from that, the top PC manufacturers remained the same with HP leading the way with market share over 25 percent, followed by Dell and Lenovo. Interestingly, Acer and Lenovo were below the average when it comes to shipping Creators update.

Additionally, the much discussed Surface Pro accounts for more than 40 percent of surface devices in the market. While demand for surface devices has continued to decrease, the Surface Pro 2017 is still going pretty strong as its market share has grown to 5.8 percent worldwide. We will have to wait few more weeks to find out how the upcoming Fall Creators Update changes the stats.

Featured Image: Flickr/Ajibola Okubanjo

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