New Foldable Smartphone Appears on Internet Once More

Following iPhone 8’s release, rumors have started surfacing in full flow as Samsung is expected to release Galaxy S9 much earlier than expected. While such news should be taken as a grain of salt, new pictures have emerged on internet that suggest that Samsung might be working on a foldable smartphone.

While there hasn’t been any foldable smartphone till date, there hasn’t been any shortage of reports and circumstantial evidences. Such rumors had existed for a long time and the latest rumors have started after the foldable Samsung smartphone was spotted two months earlier when the Galaxy X appeared at the Bluetooth SIG for certification. The smartphone was bearing model number SM-G888N0 which at the moment doesn’t belong to any existing Samsung device. As a result, reports suggested that the model number belongs to Samsung Galaxy X.

Despite the number of rumors, Samsung is yet to confirm anything regarding Galaxy X thus far and at the moment, it is unclear when we will learn about the smartphone if the company decides to launch the smartphone. However, rumors have suggested that we might get the smartphone much earlier than expected as the company is rumored to launch the smartphone early next year.

While there isn’t a lot of information available at the moment, several reports pointed out a new firmware for the device since July meaning a new series of device might be imminent from the company. However, we will have to wait until Samsung confirms the smartphone if the device indeed sees daylight.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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