Marlon Renewed for another Season

This past summer was pretty disappointing for fans both big screen and small screen as it didn’t feature really solid movies or television series. However, NBC’s sitcom Marlon became instant success and now, NBC has decided to give the show another season.

The latest news regarding the renewal of the show comes thanks to Deadline. The report pointed out the unusual schedule for the show. Although the show was supposed to make its premier midseason, it never happened and the show premiered in summer with episodes paired together on a weekly basis. Despite that, the show managed to create a solid fan base and the network is considering a standard season for the upcoming second season. As of now, the network is planning on a standard second season with a coveted spot. However, given that all of the popular series are set to return shortly, it’s unknown whether we will see the second season much earlier than expected.

While the show was set to get another season, the surprising part was the network’s delays regarding the renewal for another season. Marlon is created by Christopher Moynihan and Marlon Wayans and had a total of 5.6 million viewers. While there wasn’t a lot of competing television series, the viewership number is solid nevertheless.

In case you didn’t know, Marlon describes the life of Marlon Wayans who tries to work together with his ex-wife Ashley to create a suitable home for their kids Marley and Zack played by Notlim Taylor Amir O’Neil respectively. With the show becoming a solid success story, NBC as of now has pretty decent lineup of comedy television series. With other popular shows returning shortly, it will be worthwhile to see when the network decides to premier the second season of Marlon and if the show manages to retain its viewers when competing with other shows.
Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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