Lockheed Martin Reveals New Vehicle for Mars Base Camp

Earlier on Friday, Lockheed Martin revealed new details of its planned crewed space station orbiting Mars. In addition to the details regarding its Martian space station, the company introduced plans for a surface lander named Mars Ascent/Descent Vehicle, or MADV which will take crew members from space station to the surface of the Red Planet.

The latest details came during a presentation at the International Astronautical Congress. The lander uses same technology used by SpaceX’s reusable Falcon 9 rockets. The company revealed on its official website, “Each surface mission could last two weeks with up to four astronauts, and return to the orbiting Mars Base Camp without surface refueling or leaving assets behind.”

The lander’s engine will be filled with liquid-hydrogen/liquid-oxygen propellant while it is docked at the space station. On the other hand, the propellants will be made by splitting water molecules which will use the energy supplied by solar panel arrays.

These latest details comes after Elon Musk announced SpaceX’s plan for the company’s upcoming Mars mission. He said that the company expects to launch a Mars bound mission by 2022 and another crewed mission two years after that. In addition to that, he introduced his plans for intercity travels by rockets from New York to Adelaide in just 30 minutes by using Falcon X rocket.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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