Lenovo Releases new AMD Powered Business Laptops

AMD surprised everyone with the latest Ryzen processors as they managed to keep up with most of the processor intensive tasks with Intel’s high-end processors. However, at the time of release, there was no confirmation when manufacturers would release laptops powered by AMD’s latest processors. At the time, rumors suggested that different computer manufacturers will release laptops at the end of the year and now, Lenovo has unveiled details of enterprise-focused ThinkPad laptops powered by AMD processors.

As expected, the upcoming A-series laptops will be the first notebooks to feature Ryzen Pro processors which were shown earlier this week during an event in New York. The latest laptops, named ThinkPad A475 and A275 have been named in a different way to make it clear that the laptops are powered by AMD’s latest chips.

While not a lot of information related to the upcoming laptops are known for now, Lenovo is targeting a wider range of consumers with the devices. For instance, in addition to higher education market, small business owners can enjoy smooth performance from the laptops.

However, if you want to get your hands on the latest device, you will need to wait few more days as they will be available for purchase starting from September 15th. The A475 is considerably more powered as it can support up to 32GB of DDR4 memory. In addition to that, you can connect a mechanical dock along with USB-C and three USB-A ports. As for display, A45 will feature a 14-inch display.

On the other hand, the A275 will feature a smaller 12.5 inch display with capacity of 16GB of maximum RAM. While it will feature all the traditional ports, it won’t have the mechanical docking. Although Lenovo hasn’t revealed pricing information for the upcoming laptops, they are likely to be cheaper than the counterparts powered by Intel chip. However, we will wait for a few more days before we can get the first glimpse of the laptop. In addition to Lenovo, other manufacturers including HP and Dell are also working on bringing new laptops powered by AMD chips and will be available for consumers in the coming weeks.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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