Kingsman Director Talks about Man of Steel 2 Rumors

When Warner Bros. started its own cinematic universe, few would predict that the studio will face such harsh criticisms for its movies. While all of the previous movies prior to Wonder Woman were box office success, they were heavily criticized. All these changed thanks to satisfying performance of Wonder Woman in every area. As a result, rumors surrounding Man of Steel 2 had started in full flow in recent months. One of the rumors suggested that Kingsman and X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn might be involved with the upcoming sequel and the director recently confirmed that he might be taking the role to direct the movie after all.

This latest confirmation came during his promotion of Kingsman: The Golden Circle when he said that he has met with the studio to discuss possibility of getting involved with the movie. He said, “I am planning another Kingsman, I’ve written the treatment and some of the scenes. I don’t know what I’m going to do next but I have had chats about Superman, I love Superman.”

Given that Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle is set to become a massive box office success, it’s understandable, that the studio is planning on another sequel. As a result, we will have to see how the events turn out in the coming months.

However, it’s early to talk about the possible Superman movie since we won’t be seeing the character returning until the upcoming Justice League movie. Since several high profile directors including Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom director J.A. Bayona are linked with the sequel, we might see another blockbuster when the Man of Steel 2 arrives at the theater.

Featured Image: Flickr/BagoGames

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