Kayne West Talks about Drug and Alcohol Insinuations by the Tour Insurance Company

If you are following news on a regular basis, then you might already know that earlier last month, Kayne West filed a $10 million lawsuit against his insurance company Lloyd’s of London. West and his touring company claimed that there were unpaid settlements from the insurance company despite the abrupt cancellation of tour earlier last year.

At the time, the Insurance company claimed that the rapper’s drug and alcohol abuse were the main contributors as he was forced to cancel the tour. While at the time, Lloyd did not accuse the rapper of abuses directly, it said that, due to their policies, they denied Kayne West more settlement money.

Now, West has now responded to the claim as the rapper’s lawyers have asked the courts to dismiss the accusations. In the original suit, West claimed that he fully cooperated with different authorities to verify his claims. However, at the time, the insurer pointed to substantial irregularities in the artist’s medical history.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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