Jaguar to End Its Deal with Ford Engines Earlier than Expected

Jaguar recently confirmed via an official statement that the company will end contract to produce petrol engines at Ford’s Bridgend plant in Wales sooner than expected as the deal will end three months before the previous September 2020 expiration.

While nearly 150,000 produced engines out of 659,000 are used to produce different models, the company said in an official statement, “Ford has been, and remains, an important strategic supplier to Jaguar Land Rover under an agreement which was negotiated to support our business until the end of the decade.”

“While we do not discuss the details of our contractual arrangements, we have informed our unions that Jaguar Land Rover intends to end our petrol engine supply arrangement slightly earlier than expected in late 2020,” said a spokesperson for the US car giant.”

“Given our long-established and successful relationship in the delivery of world-class engines, this is disappointing news for the Ford Bridgend Engine Plant. However, as the auto industry is undergoing rapid change, we continue to look at other high technology opportunities for Bridgend in the future.”

This latest news has put a lot of jobs in jeopardy as the plant employs over 1900 staffs and half of whom work on the Jaguar’s engines. Earlier this year, the Unite Union requested the car manufacturer to invest in other plans to avoid putting such high amount of jobs at risk. Since then, the company is working on committing to new plans. However, we will have to wait and see how the events turn out as most recently the Welsh Government pledged to invest £15m in the project to secure over 500 jobs in the plant.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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