iPhone 8, iPad Pro and iPhone X Are to Support Netflix HDR

Netflix already has a diverse range of offerings for its ever increasing consumer base. Over last several months, the streaming giant has started to increase its offerings of HDR contents and support for devices which are capable of taking advantage of the standard. And now, the company has updated its iOS app to add support for newer Apple devices. Thanks to the latest update, iPhone 8 and iPhone X will now support HDR contents. In addition to these two latest devices, the 10.5 and 12.9 inch iPad Pro will be able to stream HDR contents through the official Netflix app.

If you are following the news, then you might already know that several high end Android smartphones already support the standard. The latest update should come as a delight for everyone who is considering to purchase the now available iPhone 8 or is waiting for iPhone X.

While your devices now will support HDR contents, you will face another problem if you want to stream the contents. As of now, Netflix only provides HDR contents to subscribers of the streaming giant’s premium plan. While the plan is a bit expensive, you will get access to all the features if you want to have everything Netflix has to offer. Considering that not all contents on the streaming platform support HDR, you might want to consider if paying for HDR contents will be worth it.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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