Intel’s 8-Core CPUs Are Rumored to Arrive in Market Next Year

If you are following latest news related to Intel’s Coffee Lake release, then you might already know that the processors are coming with Socket 1151 which are same as the existing Kaby Lake Era processors but will need a 300-series chipset. Interestingly, latest rumors have suggested that we might get another new chipset following the release of Z370 motherboards.

If the rumors are to believed, then a Z390 chipset will come in the second half of next year. The latest rumor was started thanks to a Eurocom representative who claimed that the company is currently preparing products that will feature new chipset.

While there is a lot of rumors going on at the moment, it’s not known whether the upcoming processors will use the chipmaker’s 20nm process. According to several reports, the eight-core processors will feature Ice Lake’s 10nm+ process.

As of now, Intel’s 8th generation lineup includes 14nm+ Kaby Lake-R (refresh), 14nm++ Coffee Lake, and 10nm Cannon Lake processors which might be the contributing factor for a new chipset. As we move closer to the release of the processors, we are likely to receive more information regarding the upcoming processor as AMD continues to push forward to compete with Intel in the coming years.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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