Hulu Becomes the First Streaming Service to Win Best Drama in Emmy Awards

This year’s Emmy Awards contained some surprises such as Sean Spicer cameo. Apart from all this, the major surprise came from Hulu as the streaming service’s highly acclaimed drama The Handmaid’s Tale went on to win all of the main awards it was nominated for. In the process, Hulu became the first streaming service to win Outstanding Drama series.

The latest achievement by the streaming service is highly commendable since most of the streaming giants such as Amazon Prime and Netflix are yet to make their mark in Emmy despite leading the market with some solid titles. If you are familiar with the shows offered in Hulu, then you won’t be surprised by the latest award since the streaming network has some great titles such as Chance and The Path although both of them didn’t have a high amount of recognition in terms of awards.

In addition to the award, the series went on to win eight major awards out of 13 nominations including Creative Emmy wins for Outstanding Production Design, Outstanding Cinematography and Outstanding Guest Actress. In the night, Netflix managed to win Outstanding Television Movie for the excellent Black Mirror episode “San Junipero”.

If you didn’t have any idea about the show, you can head to Hulu where you can stream the show right now. As it is one of the best shows of the year so far, you might want to subscribe to the streaming service in case you are currently looking for subscription. However, in the past streaming networks have offered free episodes to celebrate their achievements and given the success the network had, it wouldn’t be surprising if Hulu decides to offer the show for free to attract more subscribers in the coming months.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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