Harman Releases Smart Speakers That Support Cortana, Alexa and Google Voice Assistants

Recently Smart speakers have become increasingly popular as both Google and Amazon have been putting their respective voice assistants to different devices. While Apple has been pretty late to join the market, the company is more than likely to pick up the pace in the coming months. However, if you are familiar with different smart speaker solutions, then you might be familiar that in order to use the smart-assistant offered by these companies, you would be required to purchase the speakers offered by them. However, Harman Kardon has released several new speakers that support the popular voice assistants.

The latest addition of the speakers came as the Samsung owned company recently announced its smart speaker solutions during this year’s IFA. Thanks to the latest additions, you can now pick up third part speakers that work perfectly with Alexa or Google’s voice assistant.

During the event, the company unveiled three new Link speakers along with Harman Kardon Allure which will provide 360-degree sound. The Link speakers come in two different sizes along with a larger design. All of the speakers can be linked together for multi-room listening. You will need to wait a bit to get your hands on the smart speakers as the link speakers will be available in the UK after few weeks and will retail for €170, €200 and €300, respectively. On the other hand, Allure will be available for purchase later this year during Winter with a price tag of $250.

Featured Image: Pixabay/WerbeFabrik

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