Google to Fix the Issue that Caused Sending Texts Using Original Phone Number

Google voice is easily one of the most popular services offered by the search engine giant as a large number of users use the service to communicate with their acquaintances. However, despite being the perfect solution for the features it offered, the application contained a minor issue that causes the texts to be sent from the original phone number rather than the Google Voice Number. While the problem isn’t such a big deal for users, sometimes, you might use the application to remain in touch with others to whom you don’t want to reveal your original phone number. If you are one of these users, then you will be glad to know that Google is working to finally fix the issue to make the application use the Google Voice number.

This fix comes as a large number of users have mentioned the unavoidable confusions regarding the phone number. For instance, if the receiver doesn’t know your original number, then s/he might have difficulty understanding the context or person behind the message. However, in a recent Tweet, Google Voice product manager Jan Jedrzejowicz revealed that they are currently working on fixing the issue as he said, “‘OK Google, send a Google Voice message’ coming soon to GV, this will help.’”

As of now though, there is no confirmation on when the feature will be available for everyone. Despite that, we expect to feature to arrive sometime soon as it is likely that it will work with Android Auto. We will have to wait a little longer to find out when we can finally use the feature. You can check out the Tweet below.


Featured Image: Pixabay/Simon 

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