Google to Delete Backups of Inactive Android Devices

Thanks to affordability of smartphones at the present, users changes their devices on a regular basis. However, everyone was in a win-win situation as Google regularly kept their data intact even after months of not using a devices. However, recently a Redditor found out in the hard way that all of the data from his older nexus 6P device was removed as he didn’t use the smartphone for a long period of time.

While the latest incident isn’t new, it comes via a thread on Reddit as he wrote, “Switching between Android installs is already a pain in the ass.”

“You have to manually save your SMSs if you want to keep them, many apps still don’t use Android backup and their settings wipe every time…but the apps that do back up are restored painlessly, which is always a relief during the process. Unless Google themselves deletes your backup first. Along with the dozens of Wi-Fi passwords I had stored, which is probably the worst part for me.”

However, the incident isn’t new since Google has the procedure in its privacy policy for a long time. Despite that, the latest incident might be a concern for users who switched to iPhone from Android and haven’t used their devices for a long period of time. If you are curious if your data is intact, you can check out your backup folder within your drive which will show an expiration date. Apple also has similar privacy policy as the company policy states that deletion will include several important things including “device settings, device characteristics, photos and videos, documents, messages (iMessage, SMS, and MMS), ringtones, app data (including Health app data), location settings (such as location-based reminders that you have set up), and Home screen and app organization.”

As a result, if you are planning on switching from one device to another, you might want to check out that you have all of your data intact and will not be required to experience similar situations as others who lost their data completely.

Featured Image: Pixabay/Reagan-Ilunga

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