Google Play Protect Failed to Detect Malwares with up to 20 Million Installs

As number of applications in the Play Store continues to grow, chances of downloading malicious applications are pretty high. In order to protect users from downloading malicious applications, google introduced Play Protect earlier this year. The feature performs a quick scan of the application a user is installing in his/her devices and notifies the user if the application is safe to use in the smartphone. However, recent reports have found out that despite the extensive measures used by the Play Store feature, it is not infallible as an older packed malware package was able to trick the scanning process.

The latest incident is reported by the security specialists at Check Point who identified applications that feature malware. The malware automatically registers the user to premium services via SMS and later charges their accounts for services they might not even want.

If you are familiar with security of applications and security, then you might already know that packing is just another name for obfuscation, a method used by hackers to intentionally hide functionality of a software. The obfuscation method was pretty successful as it tricked users to download and infect more than 5 million devices.

While Check Point has pointed out the latest problem in the Play Store, it didn’t make any mention of communication to google regarding the removal of the applications. However, chances are Play Protect will be updated soon to catch the packed applications. Whatever happens, you should be careful about downloading application that requests access to different information of your device.

Featured Image: Pixabay/TeriLynn

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