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Google Is Reportedly Planning on Buying HTC’s Smartphone Business

Back in 2011, Google bought Motorola brand to start its own hardware focused business. However, the process didn’t go according to plan as the company sold the brand to Lenovo later in 2014 and since then, Google is awarding third party companies to produce hardware. Interestingly, recent reports have suggested that the company might be planning on producing its own smartphone as rumors suggested that Google is on the final stage of buying HTC this year.

If the latest reports are true, then it isn’t particularly surprising given two companies amicable relationship in the past. In fact, HTC was the first smartphone manufacturer to produce smartphone running Android. While HTC was one of the best brands few years earlier for smartphones, the company since then has fallen to regular loses as sales figures have continued to fall over the period of last several years. For instance, the HTC U11 was praised by critics by the company’s sell fell more than 50% over the turn of year. As a result, HTC might be planning on selling out the brand to the search engine giant who are looking to expand its business.

If Google buys out HTC in near future, it will put the company right up there to compete with other tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft who design their own products which results in much better customer satisfaction overall. Despite that, Google might be acquiring the smartphone division of HTC largely due to its solid relationship with the company. However, we will have to wait to find out if both of the companies agree with terms which are likely to be announced in the coming weeks.

Featured Image: Pixabay/Reagan-Ilunga

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