Gary Dauberman to Return for IT Sequel

Although this summer failed to live up to expectations, it ended with pretty solid performances as IT opened up to solid ratings and huge box office potential. Recently reports surfaced that New Line Cinema has already started to work on the sequel and earlier today, reports confirmed that the studio is moving with its plan even before the box office collection from the first week has been calculated. The reports confirmed that writer Gary Dauberman is set to write the script of the upcoming sequel.

The latest news comes via The Hollywood Reporter who has stated that the studio has convinced the writer to return for the sequel. Furthermore, the report also mentioned that the studio is more than likely to name the upcoming sequel chapter two meaning, the movie will be titled IT: Chapter Two. Most recently, several reports mentioned that the sequel is set to return to 1989 to give more background information on the characters and background of Pennywise. As of now, there is no official confirmation of the release date, but it rumors are to be believed, then the studio is targeting a sequel for 2019 as the filming is set to begin later next year.

While it is pretty early, the news related to the development of the sequel is far from surprising. For instance, the movie is set to be a massive box office success if early predications and reviews are anything to go by. More importantly, the sequel will shift the storytelling between different timeline and understandably, the studio needs to work sooner than expected as the original cast members might be aged out for their respective roles.

However, this is still the early days for production related news as reports have mentioned that the studio hasn’t completed a deal with the director Andres Muschietti. Despite that, as the first movie is set to be a massive success, there is no reason for him not to return for the sequel. However, we will need to wait a few more weeks to learn more about the sequel.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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