Galaxy S9 Might Offer 4x Faster Video than iPhone X

While we have to wait quite a while before we can get our hands on Apple’s premium iPhone X, Samsung is already planning on bringing even more powerful smartphone with Galaxy S9. Recent reports have suggested that Galaxy S9 might be out much earlier than expected and now, rumors have started surfacing that Galaxy S9 might beat the iPhone X in the video capturing department as S9 is rumored to come with 1,000 frames per second capability in slow motion.

The latest news comes thanks to Korean Site etnews as the report has claimed that the upcoming smartphone will feature new sensors capable of capturing fullHD videos at a speed of more than 4 times than iPhone X’s. If the rumor is true, then the Galaxy S9 will follow similar approach use by Sony’s XZ premium smartphone. However, Samsung will use little bit different technology to avoid patent infringement.

Similar to Sony, Samsung will use three-layer sensor similar to Sony’s smartphones. In addition to this, the company will use faster DRAM and logic processing on the chip itself. While this latest technology will allow data to be stored on the chip, it will result in very short slow motion videos.

While not confirmed, mass production of the chips is set to being in November and expectedly, the latest technology is supposed to be part of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S9 which might be released earlier than expected in January to avoid losing market share to iPhones. With the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus set to start shipping from tomorrow, we will have to wait few more weeks to find out how smartphone users react to Apple’s latest smartphones.

Featured Image: Pixabay/pakfones

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