Facebook Updates Its App to Help You Find Friends with Similar Interests

If you are having problems finding friends on Facebook with similar interests, then you will be glad to know that the social networking giant has recently rolled out an update to help you to find friends or acquaintances with similar interests. In addition to suggesting friends, the latest update now features the things you might be have in common with the other person.

As the latest feature is available through an app update, it’s unclear if the application reached the social network’s global audiences. In order to see if you have similar interests, you can now head to a person’s profile on Facebook and select “get to know <username>’s friends. The option will now show the interests you might have in common with the other users along with your friends. The option will feature different activities. For instance, you can see number of mutual friends, pages liked, events or places attended.

This feature comes after recently users have noticed that the messenger app of Facebook contains a new option to suggest meetup between friends as well. According to reports, the feature sends users a notification to ask if they would like to meet in person. However, the responses are private and similar to the ‘message requests’ feature meaning, other person won’t be seeing anything unless someone responds positively. However, unlike the common interests feature, the meetup feature is not global which means you might or might not see the option.

Although the feature is similar to those used by dating applications, the feature does not connect random people. Rather, the feature is designed to bring up similar people together through a meeting. As some of the most popular features of the social networking giant rely on artificial intelligence, the meet up feature also uses similar algorithms and AI.

While we will need to wait for some time to see how the latest features affect the social network’s members, the latest features has the potential to increase the amount of interaction among friends even more.

Featured Image: Pixabay/LoboStudioHamburg

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