Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft Take Initiative to Fight Extremism

In order to stop extremists from using the internet to spread propaganda, The Global Internet Forum which consist of Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has made a commitment to support researches that focuses on preventing internet abuse.

The latest announcement comes via a blog post by Google’s Kent Walker who revealed that the forum’s latest commitment focuses on conducting research about how internet is currently being used to spread hate speech as well as propaganda. He said, “On Monday, we hosted dozens of companies for a workshop with our partners under the UN Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate. There will be a workshop in Brussels in December and another in Indonesia in the coming months. And we are also working to expand the hash-sharing database to smaller companies.”

“We have to deal with these problems at tremendous scale. The haystacks are unimaginably large and the needles are both very small and constantly changing.”

“In recent months we have more than doubled the number of videos we’ve removed for violent extremism and have located these videos twice as fast.”

“There is no magic computer program that will eliminate online terrorist content, but we are committed to working with everyone in this room [during his UN address] as we continue to ramp up our own efforts to stop terrorists’ abuse of our services.”

Featured Image: Pixabay/geralt

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