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Facebook Maps Population of 23 Different Countries

For a long period of time, Facebook is working on bringing internet access to people around the world as the company introduced drones to restore internet access in disaster affected area few months earlier. And now, in the research related to the same area, the company has released a detailed population map of 23 different countries across the world.

The map comes thanks to the company’s intensive image recognition neural network. Facebook is currently using the mapping technology to identify users around the world who currently do not have internet connection or have poor network connection. In order to provide internet to users in these area, the social networking giant is planning on drones and satellites to push the connectivity even further.

This claim isn’t surprising as Facebook’s head of strategic innovation partnerships and sourcing, Janna Lewis revealed the company’s plan to make internet available to everyone around the world. While the goal can be considered lofty, thanks to private satellite company’s efforts, launching satellites have become significantly cheaper compared to few decades earlier. Janna Lewis earlier revealed, “Satellites are exciting for us. Our data showed the best way to connect cities is an internet in the sky.”

The official blog post related to the map also revealed the plan to use satellites to increase internet connectivity options for users around the world. The team behind the mapping found that more than 99% of the population of the 23 countries live within 63 Km of nearest city. As a result, if a communication technology can be developed within 63km of the nearest city, more than 99 percent of the population of the 2 countries can be connected to internet without any major issue.

Although the news is certainly interesting, we might need to wait few more years before we can see even more people around the world connected to internet.

Featured Image: Pixabay/LoboStudioHamburg

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