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Everyone in the United States Now Can Watch Shows on Facebook

Facebook is actively trying to increase its offerings for users of the social network as in recent months we have seen several changes in the network. Few months back, it was announced that the company is working with several studios to bring original series to viewers around the world. Now, the social networking giant has introduced a new button for ‘Watch’, a new platform for shows.

This latest addition comes after earlier last month, Facebook announced that it will introduce changes to existing video button for Watch. And starting from last week, users living in the United States can now enjoy contents created by others. As of now, the latest addition to the social network features contents from amateur creators as well as other established publications.

With the latest addition, it seems that the company is trying to give content creators of YouTube another platform to market their creations. As of now, Mike Rowe is featured on the main page of the platform with a new series. In addition to that, another popular publication, Humans of New York has its own program. As the company has acquired several shows along with live streaming rights, the network is actively trying to offer more Television like programs in the coming future.

While we will have to wait a bit longer to find out if the new platform becomes a success for the company, given that its massive user base, the latest feature might become increasingly popular in the coming months. However, the company hasn’t said when the feature will be available for everyone around the world.

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