Dark Matter Creator Talks about the Show’s Cancellation

Earlier last week, fans of Dark Matter were bit disappointed as Syfy network announced that the show will not be coming back for its fourth season. While at the time, it wasn’t clear why the show was cancelled, recently, series creator, Joseph Mallozzi revealed the real reasons of the cancellation.

Talking about the show, he wrote, “Working against us was the fact that we weren’t a SYFY original. We were an acquisition. For those not in the know, an original is a series that is developed by the network and, more importantly, owned by the network, allowing them to monetize the show through things like international sales, streaming, etc. The network pays a lot more but presumably reaps the benefits down the line.”

The latest post regarding the cancellation might come as a surprise for those who are familiar with the show. For instance, Dark Matter was one of the most viewed shows of this year with solid ratings. In the post, Mallozzi commented that since the show isn’t an original, the network cannot monetize the show in other ways. As a result, the network has decided to cancel the show. Moreover, if you take a look at the network’s current status, then it will be obvious that the network is targeting for as many originals as possible.

Such move means even though the creators had a plan for five seasons, such plans will never become reality on Syfy. Several reports have indicated that Mallozzi is currently working to see if any other network is willing to step up to finish the show’s storyline. However, as several high profile shows over the years never had a true ending to the storyline, it wouldn’t be surprising if we never get to see Dark Matter’s future seasons. However, you can head to Netflix to re-watch the season 1 and season 2 right now with season 3 being available on later this month.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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