Bing Introduces Fact Check in Its Search Results

In order to provide more reliable information, Google introduced its fact checking tags earlier this year. This method was introduced largely due to spread of fake news on the internet as regular internet users fell victims to false news and information on a regular basis. And now, following Google’s footsteps, Bing has added its own fact checking tags to its search results.

Thanks to the latest addition, a fact checking label now appears below results of Snopes, PolitFact, and other fact checking organizations which has made it easier to back up claims. However, fake news is still a problem over search engines as illegitimate news stories still appear on both of the search engines. While the latest feature is certainly helpful, since some common codes can be implemented by sites to let search engines pull of results related to searches, the tag is still open to abuses.

However, last presidential election had seen a large number of false articles and Russian propaganda reach voters to a shocking new extent. As a result, all of the major internet based companies are taking initiatives to combat both false news stories along with hate speech. Whether or not these methods will prevent the spread of fake news however, remains to be seen and we will have to wait to find out to what extent major search engines like Google and Bing can prevent circulation of false information over internet.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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