Arrow Season 6 Introduces Kirk Acevedo as the Main Villain of Season 6

Although Arrow lost its appeal to users for a while, season 5 of the show put the show right at the top thanks to its storytelling along with casting choices for the entire season. And now, the show has confirmed Kirk Acevedo as the main villain of the upcoming season 6. The actor is set to play as the character of Ricardo Diaz or Richard Dragon.

The latest report comes via deadline who revealed that the actor has taken a season long recurring role of the character. In case you didn’t know, the character is described as an ex-con who wants to take over the criminal underground of Star City. In addition to this, the character is a master of hand to hand combat and might prove to be difficult for Oliver to take down. However, as reports earlier teased, we might see a group of villain the upcoming season of Arrow rather than a big main villain. If that’s the case, then the latest character might be one of many who the team Arrow will encounter during the course of season 6.

However, even if the season features a group of villains, the character might be the leader of the group. While previous villains have shown characters moving away from their identity in the comics, according to showrunner Marc Guggenheim, the character is completely grounded which means we will have to wait to get full extent of his intentions in the show.

As of now though, Arrow is still weeks away from returning to the television as it is set to return this October 12th at a new day. Whatever happens, one thing for sure that the storytelling in the upcoming season of the show will play a much larger role as the writers will have to explain the transition of the explosive cliffhanger at the end of season 5.

Featured Image: Flickr/FanAboutTown

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