Apple Pay cash Won’t Be Available until Later this Fall in iOS 11

Apple introduced Apple Pay feature back in and since then, the payment service has gained popularity as the payment method works in million locations. With iOS, Apple introduced several new features to supplement the service in the long run. While first beta of iOS 11 was released back in June, the latest mobile OS from Apple has since then gone through several changes in the beta as it continued to add features. However, ahead of the iOS 11 final release on September 19th, it has been revealed that Apple Pay Cash card feature won’t be available until later this fall.

Apple Pay is a contactless payment service which you can use to perform transactions in different locations with different apple products including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch as well as Mac. However, with the iOS 11, Apple has introduced another new feature called Apple Pay Cash Card. With the latest feature, you will be able to use the credit or debit card store within the application to send and receive money through iMessage.

With the latest feature, you can send and receive money instantly onto the card and transfer it to a bank account in case you want to. The latest feature will put the service along with other payment services such as PayPal and Square Cash which can take one business day or more to deposit money into your account. However, since the service won’t be available until later this fall, we will have to wait few more weeks to find out if Apple will be able to attract even more customers with the latest offerings.

Featured Image: Pixabay/FirmBee

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