Another Major Character Is Set to Return in This Year’s Arrow-Verse Crossover

Fans of Arrow are eagerly waiting for return of the show following last year’s explosive season finale. While we just need to wait few more days to learn the aftermath of last season’s ending, expectations surrounding this season are extremely high since last season restored the show’s reputation. Interestingly, this season’s Arrow-verse crossover attracted surprising amount of interests thanks to teasers that this year’s crossover episodes will be bigger than ever before with several new superhero debuting during the event. In addition to that, some familiar characters are also set to return during the course of the events as Prometheus will be returning during the event.

Although this might come as a surprise since the character died during season 5 finale, the character we will be seeing is from Earth-X and he will be named as Prometheus-X. The characters return is confirmed thanks to latest teaser image of the crossover and the character can be seen fighting against the good characters who will face their own evil version. As of now though, it is unclear whether Adrian Chase will be the person under the mask and since Josh Segarra doesn’t have any plan to return to play the role, it will be interesting to see if he decides to return to reprise the character or showrunner decides to introduce someone else in the show.

While we might not see Josh Segarra as the psychotic Adrian Chase, there is no shortage of characters in the show who might be playing the role of Prometheus-X since several Earth-1 characters have similar archery and fighting skills. Few weeks earlier Colton Haynes teased his return as Roy Harper and the character certainly has skillsets to reprise the character. Another character who’s been linked with Prometheus is John Diggle who is surprisingly absent from the teaser image.

While we will have to wait just few more days to see what the shows will provide this year, the crossover episodes will not be airing until late November. As we eagerly wait for the crossover episodes, more details are likely to be emerged in the upcoming weeks.

Featured Image: Flickr/BagoGames

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