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AMD Teams Up With HP, Lenovo and Dell to Bring Ryzen Powered Computers to Your Workplace

After a long time, AMD came back to compete with a bang as the company’s latest Ryzen processors became an instant success and understandably, the company is trying to get into the consumer PC market with more promising releases. Over last several months, the company has repeatedly mentioned that it aims to bring more powerful computers in workplace thanks to the Ryzen processors. And now, the company has introduced first enterprise level computers which will feature the chipmakers’ latest technologies.
This announcement came during an event earlier this week in New York when the leading PC manufacturers revealed that they are planning on launching new computers powered by Ryzen processors in the coming weeks.
If you are following the benchmarks related to the company’s processors in the recent months, then the news should surprise you given that the Ryzen processors are performing pretty well compared to Intel’s latest CPU in workplace related tasks. For example, processor intensive software performed commendably thus far as AMD launched the new Ryzen pro chips earlier in June to provide more computing power for enthusiasts at an affordable price.
The success of AMD’s Ryzen processors forced Intel to launch new processors few months earlier and interestingly, the consumers now can choose to build their custom PCs without breaking their banks. Moreover, the high-end Ryzen Pro 1700 chips are currently offering more than 60 percent performance increases compared to the other processors in the similar price range.
As a result, the leading manufacturers are launching pre-built computers in the coming months. As of now, it seems that Lenovo will be the first to bring the new computers in the next couple of weeks as the company is preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary of the Thinkpad line of laptops. We will have to wait a bit to find out if the upcoming desktops along with Laptops manages to compete with Intel as manufacturers are more than likely to offer the new computers at an affordable prices to attract even more consumers.

Featured Image: Flickr/Marco Verch

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