YouTube Announces New Features to Help Content Creators Help Monetize Their Videos

Few months earlier, YouTube attracted major criticisms as the company showed several high-profile advertisers’ ads along with offensive contents. Apart from that, YouTube has a long history of removing videos without prior notice and to content creators who rely on the site to make a living these moves seemed arbitrary. However, in order to make monetization as easy as possible, the company has introduced new icons which will show which videos qualify for monetization on the platform. In addition to that, if you are a content creator, from now on, you will have a new way to appeal directly in the ‘Video Manager’ for copyright and community guidelines related problems.

While the new features will make it easier for everyone to manage videos on the platform, the features are expected to be released over next couple of weeks. The first of the three icons shows a dollar sign in form of a green circle that indicates that as a broadcaster you are already making money via advertisements along with YouTube Red.

The second and third icons will feature a dollar sign inside a yellow circle and a slashed out dollar sign. The Yellow dollar sign indicates that the video isn’t really suitable for all advertisers. As for slashed out dollar sign, the icon indicates that the video doesn’t qualify for any kind of advertisement as the video might contain copyrighted contents or similar issues.

While the new features aren’t going to have any effect on the videos’ monetization, according to Google, the new icons will give content creators a better insight for advertising related purposes. This latest news comes after earlier last year Google created a team to deal with the monetization related issues on YouTube after advertisements of popular brands appeared next to offensive contents. Afterwards, several high profile advertisers have returned in the platform to advertise their products.

As the platforms have a large number of regular users, there’s no doubt that the latest feature will contribute towards creating positive impact on the platform. However, the company is yet to reveal how it will deal with complaints originating from the newly added features.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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