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WhatsApp Rolls Out Color Update Feature

Over last several months, Facebook has copied numerous features from Snapchat and one of the major features the company copied from Snapchat was its introduction of ‘stories’ status updates across all of the Facebook owned services. When the social networking giant introduced the feature back in December in order to increase engagement, it got fair share of criticisms from users. However, earlier today, the company has started rolling out similar color background status update to WhatsApp users.

With the latest feature, WhatsApp users will now be able to write status updates with colorful background in addition to older methods of status update. Additionally, you can add a link and choose custom fonts to match your taste. Prior to the update, users could only use photos and videos as backgrounds.

The latest feature comes after the WhatsApp began testing the feature few weeks earlier. The newly added status update will remain to provide old functionalities by disappearing after 24 hours. With this latest update, the snapchat like feature is now available to all of the Facebook owned applications.

While not particularly interesting to everyone, the feature is meant to increase engagement among users and most of the social networking applications are introducing similar features on a regular basis.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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