Volkswagen Agreed to Recall More than 300,000 Vehicles in India

Last several months have been a difficult period for Volkswagen as the company suffered a number of setbacks including the global emission scandal. While the company has taken necessary steps to repair the damages in most of the countries thus far, recently, Volkswagen has submitted a roadmap to recall more than 300,000 vehicles in India.

According to latest reports, the company has recalled the vehicles which are fitted with ‘defeat device’ to manipulate results of emission tests. This latest announcement comes after the company earlier in December announced the recall of more than 300,000 vehicles after the Automotive Research Association of India found that several models had on-road emissions higher than expected.

While the results were as much as 2.6 times higher than normal, the company revealed earlier today that the recall of the vehicles were voluntary as the company is yet to face charges regarding emissions norm in India. However, the Automotive Research Association has revealed that the company has up until now submitted redesigned software for 70 percent of its vehicles and are expected to take similar measures for remaining of the vehicles.

The association said, “During the course of the hearing, we take note of the fact that the Respondent No 4 (Volkswagen) has not only in its statement of reply but otherwise also offered to voluntary recall all the vehicle which are subject matter of these proceedings, that is fitted with E189 diesel engine to different variant mentioned in the application.”

“However, on ascertaining the factual position, we are informed that the process of recall is not complete for the reason though Respondent No. 4 and other respondent have been requested by ARAI to submit its redesign as only 70 per cent has been approved.”

“Respondent nos 4 to 7 shall file roadmap with regard to recalling of the vehicle in question. In the meanwhile, we direct ARAI to file submission with regard to present status of the recall program of the vehicle in question,” the bench had said in February order.”

Featured Image: Pixabay/Mahal

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