Stephen King’s IT Gets a Video Game

Stephen King’s IT is set to become one of the major hits of this year according to box office predictions when it hits theater few days later. If you were wondering what it would be like to have a video game adaption of the novel that has been scaring people for well over three decades, you will have an idea as the official website of the movie features a small old school video game.

In the official site, it says that the video game is loosely based on the novel. In the game, player takes control of the paper boat of Georgie Denbrough. After you take control of the boat, you will need to guide the boat through the sewers while facing some obstacles along the way including Pennywise.

While the site currently have the game, the game is much different from the game made for Friday the 13th game for NES. However, IT features the voice of Bill Skarsgård which might be a nice touch. However, if you have followed the first movie or know the contents of the book, then the boat might be representing soul of Georgie as he attempts to escape it following the physical death.

As it’s not known to what extent the movie will adapt the novel, the game might just be a way to promote the movie before its release date of September 8th.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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