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Spotify Is Coming to Xbox One

For a while now, PlayStation users had the ability to play games while listening to their most favorite tracks as the gamers had complete access to Spotify from their console. However, in the last few days reports surfaced that Microsoft is planning on brining support for Spotify on its consoles. While at the time the reports were based on application’s beta testing, now, Microsoft has revealed a footage of Spotify running on Xbox One during the company’s weekly Xbox news video.

In case you didn’t know, the latest episode of ‘This Week on Xbox’ covered the latest announcements along with several trailers. However, towards the end of the show, host Major Nelson showed how to set an image as the console’s wallpaper as the Spotify app was running at the bottom left of the Xbox One Guide menu. However, the video at the time, didn’t mention official support of the Spotify application. As a result, we might have to wait a bit before we can finally get the confirmation regarding the support of Spotify on Xbox One.

This latest development comes after earlier in June, Spotify made its way to the official Windows Store. However, at the time, the application a Universal Windows Application which mean users were unable to run the application on Xbox One or other Microsoft Consoles. Since the latest footage has come to light, chances are we will hear more about the deal in the coming months as it seems that Spotify’s exclusive deal with PS4 is coming to a close. While the addition will not change the main purpose of the console, it will help both companies keep the audience engaged with services.

Featured Image: Pixabay/MIH83

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