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Replacement Touchscreens Can Be Used for Hijacking Your Smartphones

Although companies market their products to provide best security, consumers are still susceptible to different kind of attacks and recently, researchers have discovered a new method that can be used to hack your smartphone using a replaced touchscreen.

The new method of hacking was described in a published paper by the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. In the paper, the researchers included simulated attacks on two different Android devices and the researchers were able to take control of the smartphone using a malicious chip embedded into a third-party touch screen.

According to the study, smartphones with malicious touchscreen can record your smartphone usage and can send them directly to the hackers. What more, modern antivirus programs can’t seem to detect such attacks as the hardware survives the factory reset. Researchers wrote, “Our attack assumes that the phone’s touch controller had been replaced with a malicious component, but that the rest of the hardware and software on the phone is authentic and trusted.”

“A well-motivated adversary may be fully capable of mounting such attacks in a large scale or against specific targets. System designers should consider replacement components to be outside the phone’s trust boundary, and design their defenses accordingly.”

This latest finding underlines the importance of the compact smartphones manufactured by companies around the world. For example, most of the smartphones at present implement features to prevent their security features from being tampered with.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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