Parent Builds A Messaging App that Doesn’t Allow Kids to Ignore Messages

It’s difficult to imagine someone without access to smartphones at present and most of the users have a number of apps installed on their smartphones for specific purposes. As a result of this, users receive bunch of annoying notifications which might result in ignoring or not being aware of important notifications. As teenagers ignore texts on a regular basis from their parents, a dad in the UK have developed a messaging application that forces kids to respond texts they receive from their parents.

The latest messaging application comes after 45-year old Nick Herbert’s son would reply to his text messages as the phone was silent most of the time. The application is called ReplyASAP and it works what the name implies. After someone received a text from someone connected via the application, s/he cannot ignore the windows without replying back to the sender meaning you will be forced to reply something in order to close the application.

If you were thinking that the application can be put into silent, you will be disappointed to know that the application will notify the users regardless of the audio settings and will keep ringing until the receiver acknowledges the message.

As of now, the application is free to download from PlayStore. However, if you want to use the application to contact a certain number of people, you will need to pay a subscription fee. While the app is useful in certain cases, it might prove to be rather annoying for people who are otherwise in a busy and in a tight schedule for something and need to use their phones.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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