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More than 1000 Apps in Play Store Revealed to Contain Spyware

Google’s Play Store has been facing malware related issues for quite a while now and according to a latest blog post by a group of security specialists at Lookout, more than 1000 application in the official Android App store said to contain spyware named SonicSpy. Affected applications compromise devices as the spyware allows the applications to silently record audio, take photos among several other suspicious activities.

Talking about the spyware, Michael Flossman, security analyst at Lookout said, “In fact, the malware has the ability to respond to over 73 different remote commands, meaning attackers can manipulate a victim’s device from afar through a command and control server.”

“Once successfully on the device, it provides the victim the advertised messaging functionality while simultaneously stealing data, building a false sense of trust with the victim.”

“This kind of functionality should be highly concerning to any party accessing sensitive information through mobile devices, including enterprises.”

“Apps like SonicSpy capitalise on this by pretending to be trustworthy apps in well-known marketplaces.”

“It’s clear that the malicious actor(s) behind SonicSpy wanted the app to persist on the victim’s device, so they made sure to incorporate the functionality that the end user was expecting.”

“It only takes one threat in an enterprise to cause significant damage. For example, many enterprises must comply with government or industry regulations that, when violated, could result in expensive fines.”

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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