Milky Way Apparently Is Filled with Black Holes

In recent months, astronomers have brought several mind boggling news regarding our own galaxy as well as nearby planets. However, our own Milky Way features unknown mysteries as we continue to unravel as space researches have gained significant speed in recent years. Interestingly, astronomers have found out that our galaxy features millions of black holes which suggest that universe night have higher number of black holes than previously expected.

The latest news comes via a latest news release from UC Irvine campus as astronomers were surprised to find that the LIGO observatory detected gravitational waves generated by the collision of two black holes. The phenomenon suggested that the universe might feature higher number of black holes than previously expected.

This latest findings are far from surprising given that the Milky Way features a high number of metal-rich stars similar to our sun. As these stars lose their mass over their lifetime, when they die, they tend to create smaller black holes. Talking about the latest findings, professor of UC Irvine James Bullock said

“We have a pretty good understanding of the overall population of stars in the universe and their mass distribution as they’re born, so we can tell how many black holes should have formed with 100 solar masses versus 10 solar masses,” Bullock said. “We were able to work out how many big black holes should exist, and it ended up being in the millions – many more than I anticipated.”

The researchers expect that there will be more surprising discoveries regarding the black holes in the coming months.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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