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Microsoft to Announce Xbox One X Pre-Order Date during Gamescom

Microsoft clearly has some big expectations from its upcoming Xbox One X as it is set to be the most powerful version of Xbox till date. For a long time, the company mentioned it as Project Scorpio and we finally got to see what is in store for us during this year’s E3. However, at the time, the company revealed that the console will be available later this year on November 7th. Despite announcing the official release date, Microsoft at the time didn’t confirm when the pre-ordering of the console will start and earlier, the company revealed via Twitter that we will know more about the upcoming console during this year’s Gamescom which is set to begin few days later from August 20th.

Microsoft released the news along with a 50 seconds trailer that serve as an advertisement and the date of the announcement revealed at the very end. However, the company’s Gamescom conference is scheduled on August 20th and 3PM EST. Apart from the pre-order date, we will learn more about the games that will be available immediately at the launch of the console.

While not as big as E3, Gamescom certainly holds significant importance for Microsoft as we near the release date of the console. As the console is set to be the most expensive Xbox in history, lack of games and other features might ruin Microsoft’s hope to take over Sony in terms of sales. However, with some big announcements are scheduled for the event, we should learn more about how the company is planning on pushing sales for the device.

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