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Google’s Allo Finally Comes on the Web

Few months earlier, Google teased the web support for its Allo app and finally, users of the application around the world will be able to use the service on the web without taking a look at the phone all the time to remain connected with the contacts. However, the web support for the application comes with several missing features as of now.

The application currently supports only Chrome browser and Android smartphones. In order to use the application on the web, you will need to go to allo.google.com to scan a QR code using the application on your android phone to use the web based service.

This is certainly one of the major push from the company to make the application popular among users. As of now, the application as more than 10 million downloads compared to its companion app Google Duo which currently has more than 100 million downloads. Whether the application manages to catch up with other popular messaging services remain to be seen but web support will certainly increase the convenience of using the application.

While the Chrome is the only supported browser as of now, Google confirmed that it will add more browsers in the coming weeks in a bid to win over more users. On the other hand, the iOS support for the web service is also coming soon according to the company.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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