Google Introduces Video Previews in Its Search Results

Few weeks earlier, Google teased the idea of video previews in its search results on mobile. And now, the feature has started to go live on Android as the company is planning on introducing the feature to other platforms in near future.

The feature means that videos will auto-play once they load along with previews in the search results. However, the practice of auto-playing videos is one of the most hated features of current web. Despite that, the practice is prevalent among top companies like Facebook. While the latest feature is set to hit other markets soon, some Android users from US have noticed the auto-playing previews in the search results of Chrome and official Google app.

Google is currently planning on introducing the feature to other countries and languages in the coming weeks. In addition to that, the previews will be applicable to videos coming from different sources. If reports to be believed, then the feature will hit iOS users in the coming weeks.

As preview of videos might lead to excessive data consumptions, the auto-play feature will be enabled for users only when they are connected via WiFi.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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