Future Android Phones to Feature Similar Facial Recognition Technology of the Upcoming iPhone 8

TouchID have been one of the major features of the premium flagship smartphones over the last couple of years and the feature has been available for iPhone users since the release of iPhone 5s. As we eagerly wait for confirmation surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, recent rumors have suggested that the company might be looking at bringing facial recognition with the upcoming model of iPhone which set to improve iPhones’ security even more. And now, reports have surfaced that other android smartphone manufacturers might be on their way to bring the feature to their devices in the coming years.

While the news is certainly interesting, this is not the first time Android manufacturers are rumored to bring the facial recognition technology to their smartphones. In past several smartphone makers have tried to implement the technology but failed to capture the attention as the implemented facial recognition technology could easily be tricked by photographs. However, a recent report by CNET has revealed that the Chip maker Qualcomm believes that a large number of smartphone manufacturers will be able to implement similar facial recognition technology that might be on their way to iPhone 8.

The news however, isn’t particularly surprising as several Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets at the moment already support image processors along with depth-sensing. A while earlier, the company revealed its plans to improve upon the features to allow the chipsets to do more and as Qualcomm is the leading chipset provider for smartphone manufacturer around the world, we might see several revamped features in the coming years including object reconstruction, mapping and facial recognition at a more sophisticated level.

As of now though, the future implementation of such technologies rely heavily on Apple’s iPhone 8 performance if users indeed get the taste of the improved image recognition technology. It’s worth noting that 3D Touch feature was also noted to be one of the most prevalent feature of the smartphone in the recent years. However, as there aren’t a lot of smartphone models with pressure sensitive screen, the feature failed to take off and it will be interesting to see if manufacturers around the world implement the facial recognition technology with their smartphones in the coming year.

Featured Image: Flickr/Maurizio Pesce

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