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FBI Suggests Companies to Avoid Kaspersky Applications

Amid ongoing issues with Kaspersky, FBI has reportedly started to contact security firms to warn them about the probable security threats associated with the security firm. This latest news comes as over last few weeks, officials have claimed that the security firm cannot be trusted with protecting critical infrastructures based in US.

Understandably, the company has denied such allegations with the CEO Eugene Kaspersky offered up its source codes to clear the company’s name. However, following the cyberattacks earlier last year, FBI has started to conduct security firms to convince about the potential threats. Earlier, FBI focused specifically on energy sector while now they have turned their attention to major tech companies. However, the meetings with different companies have so far produced mixed results as tech companies have refused to take swift action while government offices so far have been quick to cooperate with the FBI.

This latest news comes after earlier this June, US government had launched a series of allegations against the company including introducing a bill that forbade the Defense Department to conduct any kind of business relations with the company. Additionally, a congressional panel order agencies to hand over their documents regarding the communications with the firm. However, Kaspersky issued a statement to deny any kind of ties with any government last month. Despite the claims, it seems that the firm’s announcements have failed to yield any positive response from the US government.

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